About StandupSpace.com

About Us

Why StandupSpace.com?

StandupSpace is the brainchild of Jeremy Cox & Sean Mulligan. Cox explains the reason for StandupSpace:

"Being from Cincinnati, there are several comedy clubs within driving distance. In order to find out the schedule for each comedy club, I would have to go to each club’s website. Going on seven websites or more each week and trying to remember what I just saw on each one was tough. I thought to myself "wouldn’t it be great if there was a place I could go to and type in a zip code and it would pull up all the shows within a certain radius?"

Thus StandupSpace was born.

What is StandupSpace.com?

StandupSpace started out as a convenient way to get scheduling information from several comedy clubs at once. It quickly developed into a medium to connect comedy fans, comedy clubs, comics and the everyday person thinking about going out to see a show.

For the user:

StandupSpace offers functionality that makes it convenient for the user to get information about the comics and comedy clubs. It also allows comedy club goers the opportunity to speak out about comics or comedy clubs they did, or did not like. Instead of a corporation saying who’s funny, StandupSpace allows America and eventually the world to decide for themselves.

StandupSpace users can find out about comedians in one convenient place without first going to a web search engine to find out the web address or to even find out if a comic does or doesn’t have a web presence. There is also the advantage of just browsing the comedians. A user may discover a comic they hadn’t heard of before just by seeing the name and clicking a link.

For the comic:

Comics have started to flood websites such as MySpace with information to market themselves to web-savvy comedy club goers. Unfortunately MySpace has a few downfalls. The first of which is, the comics are responsible for updating the information themselves. Most comics don’t have time to update their own websites let alone MySpace. Second, most of the MySpace pages are cluttered with flashing graphics, video, bawdy colors and graphics… all on one page that takes a very long time to load. Thirdly, as demonstrated by comic Tim Bedore, just because a comic is on MySpace doesn’t mean that the comic is responsible for the page. Anybody could create a profile page under the assumed identity of a comic without the comic ever knowing it, or even worse, without the fans’ knowledge of the rouse.

There are some technical problems with the way a MySpace page is constructed. The push on the web today is for websites to use leaner code that allows the page to load faster and eliminates the useless code used for presentation. This also creates problems for fans with disabilities. People who use screen readers my find it very tiring to "view" a MySpace page because of the bloated code.

Enter StandupSpace. StandupSpace mission is to create a web-standards compliant website as well as meet compliancy with the Americans with Disabilities Act. StandupSpace stresses the importance of meeting with these compliances. Leaner code allows the code to load faster and easily be read by screen readers. Ease of use is a major concern. The creators of StandupSpace are responsible for updating the information about comics including updates about schedule information so the comics don’t have to be concerned with updating it themselves. If comics wish to be involved in updating their information, they are still able to do so.

For the comedy clubs:

StandupSpace allows comedy clubs the opportunity to target advertising towards local clientele to assure their advertising dollars are not spent in vain. Comedy clubs can also get immediate feedback about what people thought about a particular club they just visited or visit quite frequently.

Functions in StandupSpace allow comedy clubs to get instant feedback from the users about comics they want to see the club bring to the area.

Many comedy clubs don’t have the funds to put toward a "good" website and some corporate comedy clubs have too much money to put toward a "good" website. Wrong or right, users may judge a comedy club’s quality from the web presentation. StandupSpace evens the playing field.

The Bells and Whistles

StandupSpace has implemented many functions to give it’s users ways of keeping track of their favorite comics, inviting friends to shows, get up to date information about who’s coming to their area and sharing their opinions with the rest of America.


LaughTracker is a simple form that allows a user to enter a start date, end date, zip code and a distance to get one list of shows within the specified distance from the specified zip code.


VenueFinder is an easy way for a user to get information about comedy clubs or venues in their area.


StandupSpace allows registered users to add comics to their favorites list allowing quick access to information about the comics upon login.


StandupInvitations allows registered users to find a schedule date for a comic or venue and easily send an email message inviting their friends to join them for the show.


StandupBooking allows registered users to quickly send an email to the venues in their area requesting they book a comic. This will provide comedy clubs an idea of trends and opinions of the clientele in their area.

User Reviews

Registered users will be able to easily view other users’ reviews or review a venue or comic themselves.

The Rest

Registered users will be able to join our community of message boards to discuss all things in standup comedy. StandupSpace also includes schedule information that is cross-referenced with other comics and venues, which paves the way for discovery of new and up-and-coming comics. StandupSpace keeps track of user ratings of comics and venues and produces rankings among the comics and venues.

About the Creators

Jeremy Cox

I have been a huge comedy fan all my life. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh. Family members have informed me when I was three or four, I would make up jokes that made no sense and just cackle after the "punch line."

In elementary school, I would go to the public library and check out riddle and joke books. In the magazines such as Highlights and Boys Life, the joke and riddle pages were my first stop upon opening the magazine.

I saw my first standup show on television when I was in middle school. I had Bill Cosby Himself memorized word for word. During my freshmen year of high school comedy was abound on television. I would record the shows and transfer the audio on to cassette tapes to play for my friend in the car. I became noted for quoting comedians. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was also noted for telling really awful jokes or really corny jokes that lead to those types of jokes to be called "Jeremy Jokes."

I still like to make people laugh, but realizing I would never be on stage like those I had watched so many times before, I wanted to do something. That something is to introduce people to the comics of today. Not just the big names but for those comics who have been around for many years and for whatever reason haven’t hit the "big time" or theatre style gigs. Some comics prefer their obscurity opting for close fans that know what comedy is rather than the vast numbers of "fans" who think they’re funny just because their friends do.

I’m like the person who is always trying to drag you to their church on a Sunday because you’d rather stay home and sleep in. Except my church is the Chuckle Hut or Go Bananas. And the people delivering the sermons are among the hardest working people in show business not to mention honest and open to jeers or sneers…when’s the last time you heard some one heckle a minister or shake hands with the minister after the sermon… and bought their CD because you thought they did a good job.

Many comics get looked over. StandupSpace tries to even the playing field for all the comics out there that don’t have the funds for promotions. StandupSpace will do it for you.

There are many websites on the web today that are loaded with comic information, venue information or comedy news. And there are some great comedy magazines on the web but where they blow people a way with their information, they fall short on the design. I want to give users a better user experience.

I hope StandupSpace is effective in all these goals. I want to be sitting in a retirement village some day knowing that I changed the world for someone. Whether it be someone who had never been to a comedy club or a comedian who made it "big", I would like to think that I made a difference. And that to me is my ultimate goal.

Sean Mulligan

Coming from a large family, I learned that laughter is one of the best medicines. If you were pulling a prank, you were the victim. I found out that if you can’t laugh at yourself then you will never have fun in life.

Growing up I lived just five doors down from my co-creator Jeremy Cox, so often I was subjected to "Jeremy Jokes," and often found that it wasn’t the joke per say that was as funny as his delivery. Hearing him cackle half-way through the joke always make it funnier because you never knew what was going to come out of his mouth. Much to say it also often got us in trouble as often it wasn’t the most appropriate thing for a elementary school student to say.

I can remember often sitting in the room with the older boys in the house listening to comics on cassette, the likes of Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Andrew Dice Clay. Not always knowing what I was laughing at, but knew it must be funny, because they were laughing. Then as I grew older I got to see stand up on TV as shows like Comic Strip Live and on The Tonight Show.

When I got to college, there was nothing better to see standup comics come to my small town school and spend an hour making us laugh. You see Jeremy and I went to the same college too, so often we would be sitting there watching the show and telling the jokes verbatim to each other.

Now we try to see as many shows as we can each month, but this is where the need for Standup Space came to mind. We spent years going to the same local club, so much the wait staff knew us by name, and didn’t even know there were other clubs in the area. Then one day listening to Bob and Tom, we realized that there was another club in the area. Hurrah… but then came the fact of going to multiple websites to find who’s playing that week, getting limited biographical information about a comic, and sometimes outdated information.

As we sat in the car one day before a show, thinking why isn’t there just one place to go to find out information? Or who was that feature comic, he was pretty funny. So we started planning out the idea for Standup Space.

So with Jeremy’s graphical design background and my database experience we started trying to get as much as we could. What you see here is years worth of sweat and tears, and sometimes upset wives, but we hope you find it as useful as we have and get to experience the difference we provide to you the user.